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ontd_readers's Journal

a ontd-style community about books
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Welcome to ontd_readers! This is a community for posts about literature, where people can comment in the style that ohnotheydidnt has made so dear to us. If you would like to join, make sure you read the user info/rules.

Why did you create another ontd-style book comm?
There are a few out there, I know, but most of them are about all kinds of books, with a heavy focus on contemporary YA books. If that's what you'd like to discuss, please find a different community. This one is mostly for classic literature. This can be hard to define, but if it's not the thing you'd read in most standard classes, it's probably not the place for it. Or if it's not the kind of thing you'd read in public with the cover in full display. If you have any questions about specific books/authors and whether or not they're allowed, feel free to ask here (comments are screened). If you'd like to debate this in a polite manner, there is a post here.

What kind of posts belong in this community?
As long as they fit into this comm (see above), anything really. News, interesting articles, interviews. Rules like this are still under discussion, but for the time being, please don't post personal reviews, just like you wouldn't post your own review of Madonna's new album on ONTD. If you'd like to see reviews then feel free to suggest that.

The Rules:
+ You don't have to be a ONTD member to join.
+ Snark is to be expected, as well as general silly comments (like gifs). If this offends you, there are other, more serious communities out there.
+ On the other hand, be civil. Don't harass/stalk other members, don't troll, and try to contribute something to the discussion.
+ If you are having issues with other members, please comment here (comments are screened).
+ Do not post another member's personal information here without their consent. This includes screencaps, pictures you found while lurking their photobucket album, or bringing into an argument things you read in their journals.
+ Racism, sexism, and other bullshit are absolutely not tolerated from members. It's fine if you want to post an article about whether an author was racist and if you want to discuss it thoughtfully, but making comments supporting prejudiced views will get you banned.
+ There might be discussion of phobias or triggering content, so be careful. If you're posting something that is likely very triggering (for example, detailed discussion about an author's suicide) please include warnings. If you're having any issues related to this, feel free to talk to a mod.
+ Off-topic posts (not comments) are not ok unless it's a mod-approved exception.
+ Do not promote your own books here. There are other comms for that.
+ Entries are moderated to avoid double-posts, but please don't be intimidated and submit away!
+ Please tag your posts appropriately, if you need more tags just ask.
+ Usual ONTD/LJ posting rules apply, don't hotlink, put large/nsfw pictures or text under a cut, no autoplay, and include a source.
+ Don't expect spoiler tags for things like "Romeo and Juliet die!". However, if you're discussing works that aren't very famous, surprising plotwists and stuff like that, it's a good idea to use spoilers.
+ Do not share copyrighted books here.